The Work

“Cat Not Here” is a conceptual work that was created by Crouch End artists Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby in January 2011. Lost immediately after being made, it is the very absence of the piece that the creators now consider to be art.

“Cat Not Here” can therefore be exhibited in art galleries and public spaces merely by being absent from them – but the artists state that the piece can only be absent from one place at a time.

Sowerby & Luff are proud to announce that after three years away from the contemporary art scene , “Cat Not Here” will be once again be taking part in a London arts event by being absent for 10 consecutive days from the square outside Hornsey Town Hall during the Crouch End Festival, which runs from Friday 6th June to Sunday 15th June 2014.

The work will then go on tour again, and will subsequently be absent from a number of art galleries, media centres, and public spaces throughout the remainder of 2014. Go here for details of Tour Dates

Recent Quotes:
“A brilliant idea!” Joni Farrington, Gallery on the Square, St Ives.
“We are really interested in your project” Galerie Deadfly, Berlin.
“The most exciting thing about our work is that people don’t know when they haven’t seen it” Georgina Sowerby.
“This is brilliant, we love it!” Soho Square Studios, London.
“This extraordinary piece is worthy of the the Turner Prize”  Melton Thornaby, Art Critic

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9 Responses to The Work

  1. Mark says:

    The very antithesis to Schrodinger’s Cat. This one is definitely not here. I love the spacious feel of the artwork.

  2. Eric Pittman says:

    Please don’t bring the cat here. I would love not to have it. I would like to not display it the first week of April.

  3. Peter Andreae says:

    Is the script for set-up complex? How big a crew should I plan on telling to stay home on installation day?

  4. evan samett says:

    Place catnothere inside Schrondinger’s box an what will happen? How can it be a paradox when it is a cat?

  5. Richard Goldsmith says:

    It reminds me of the special exhibit of Monet’s Waterlillies at the Orangerie in Paris which was completely absent for about five years. They didn’t think to change the name though.

  6. Cat Not Here is an anagram of Eat The Corn. The Corn Exchange Gallery would be honored not to exhibit.

  7. anthony peverill says:

    I created something like this last year. ‘Fart now gone’ was on show throughout Oxford from may until December. But each installation was unique and took different amounts of time to create.

  8. ManNotAtHome says:

    Somedays I see myself as a conceptual artist, but my wife thinks I’m a disgrace.

  9. Gastropod says:

    My company just went out of business. As such we’d be honored to host Cat Not Here in the absence of our main entryway.

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