Georgina Sowerby: “It’s not just about the work not being there. It’s about all the other stuff that isn’t there either. It makes you think, doesn’t it?”

“A brilliant idea!” Joni Farrington, Gallery on the Square, St Ives.

Georgina Sowerby:  “The most exciting thing about our work is that people don’t know when they haven’t seen it.”

“We are really interested in your project” Galerie Deadfly, Berlin

Brian Luff:  “We want to challenge people’s perceptions. But there are a lot of problems associated with stuff not being there. We’ve had to overcome many difficulties to make this project happen. It’s been hard.”

“This is brilliant, we love it!” Soho Square Studios, London.

“This extraordinary concept is worthy of the the Turner Prize”  Melton Thornaby, Art Critic

4 Responses to Quotes

  1. Alar Pardla says:

    I have seen this masterpiece couple of years ago. The piece was unwanted by the previous owner and just left to the living room of the appartment I bought.

    Unfortunately I hired a interior decorator without doing proper background check and now I dont have the piece anymore … What a shame. When I asked the silly man about the piece, he just mumbled something about some chinese fella called Feng Shui and said the according to mr. Shui – the piece just “had to be dealed with”…

    Glad to see you own it now. 🙂

  2. Tony Bridges says:

    I have a very similar piece in the corner of my attic. However thats entitled Bat Not Here.

  3. Nigel Hill says:

    I used to own a piece similar to Cat Not Here after I thought I saw a cat and immediately realised I didn’t. I kept the piece for years until I moved house and it got lost. It was also at that time I lost my invisible skateboard.

  4. Nick Kovari says:

    I have been thinking about how a person would be able steal this piece of artwork. Cat Not Here’s essence is in its nonexistence, and therefore can not simply be taken. So surely, to find the spot that Cat Not Here currently occupies, and to place a real cat in that spot, would be art robbery of the highest offence.

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