Tour Dates

CEFlogo“Cat Not Here” will be absent from the following venues on the dates shown. More dates will be added shortly, including many non-installations in small galleries and media centres.

2014 Tour
Crouch End Festival, 6-15 June 2014  web site
Globe Theatre, South Bank,  3 July – 2 August 2014  web site
Lords Cricket Ground, 5 August – 9 September 2014
Tate Modern, 1-6 October 2014
O2 Arena, 14 October – 2 November 2014
London Palladium, The Foyer, 2 December – 18 December 2014

2011 Tour
24 January – 31 January 2011    Priory Park, London N8
1 February – 28  February 2011   Voice & Music Company, Soho Square, London
1st March – 31 March 2011   Gallery on the Square, St Ives, Cornwall
2 April – 20 April 2011    Beechworth Gallery, Australia
10 May -16 May 2011  Reception Area, Harry Shaw Business Computers, Coventry

9 Responses to Tour Dates

  1. sheala says:

    cat not here is quite brilliant. if only i thought of it first. i hope i don’t see it soon.

  2. Ian Moore says:

    Can you please advise when “Cat not here” will be absent from Melbourne Australia

  3. Mucky MailLady says:

    The ability for the light to filter through this exhibit adds an unusual dimension rarely seen in this medium.

  4. Wayne Ruttimann says:

    Have you considered how to deal with counterfeit pieces not showing up for sale in flea markets?

  5. Thank you for your exhibition proposal for the conceptual artwork Cat Not Here by Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby at Galerie Deadfly, Berlin. We are really interested in your project, however we are sorry to let you know that it isn’t possible to have the project Cat Not Here absent from our gallery in the foreseeable future.

    The gallery has a forthcoming exhibition in September/October 2011 and due to the nature of this exhibition, we feel having your piece Cat Not Here absent from Galerie Deadfly prior to or after this exhibition, would create a conceptual clash/discrepancy, not only with our planned exhibition but with your proposed project too.

    Galerie Deadfly does not normally consider proposals to exhibit work or proposals not to exhibit work, but had the timing been different we would have really liked to have had your work Cat Not Here absent at our gallery. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at your website and especially liked the sound of Fish Not Here (2009).

    Although we are sorry not to be able to assist you with not exhibiting your work on this occasion, we hope you stay in touch regarding any information about Cat Not Here and any future projects.

    Yours Sincerely
    Galerie Deadfly

    Niederbarnimstraße 15
    10247 Berlin

  6. Mr. Luxury Yacht says:

    Reply not here.

  7. Ash Cook says:

    Hi Georgina and Brian. I own the domain which is currently a parked domain awaiting my attention. The gallery doesn’t exist at the moment so I guess it is a “Gallery Not Here”. It is not even displaying as a ‘parked domain’ as it should. At first I was annoyed that the hosting company are not showing it as parked. Then I thought, this just emphasises the fact that it is not here. So, perhaps you would like to show “Cat not here” for it’s Australian debut, at Beechworth Gallery. I know that the Exhibition is a busy one but I would love to be given the opportunity to not display ‘Cat Not Here’ at our non-Virtual Gallery. The domain can be found listed at

  8. Andy Clark says:

    Is it only me that has seen through this shabby piece of shameless falsehoods?
    Is this merely an attempt to gain money and/or publicity by making bold and outrageous claims regarding the authenticity of the artwork? Should anyone care to examine it more closely, you can quite clearly see it is a llama, not a cat, that is not there. I fail to understand how so many so-called ‘experts’ did not see this immediately!

    Saudi Arabia

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